Welcome To The Identity Tasks Tutorial

This is a program will help motivate you to keep at your goals for a long period of time.

In theory, this process is simple. You set goals for yourself and mark down when you complete them. Fail to perform a goal and your calender will have a red marked day on it. Succeed, and your calender will have a green marked day. Each task you complete contributes to your level, which is an arbitrary number that means nothing but you'll probably enjoy seeing go up regardless.

In practice, this program has a few nuances and complications and you may want to look at these guide pages.

To get started, see below:

I want to get started using a set of tasks someone else has already created. I want to create or modify my own tasks. I want to record and review my progress. I want to ask questions or share my progress. I want to be reminded of when my tasks are due.

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Be warned. The data this application collects is stored on a centralized server and is always visible to the administrators of this site. Your data will not be shared or sold, but please treat all information you enter here as potentially public information.