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What is this site?

This is a website devoted to the concept of sharing guides on how to manipulate your sense of self.

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How do I use this site

You can start browsing the different promoted users over in the directory. This list of users is a handpicked/curated list. However, if you prefer a less curated experience, you can also start browsing guides by heading over to the guide list.

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What are some of your policies?

Content Allowances

Currently, no NSFW guides are allowed, along with any guides that encourage illegal activities (In the USA) or otherwise encourage obvious harm. For example, a guide advocating for drinking bleach or doing LSD will not be allowed.

Promoted Users

Promoted users are thought to meet a certain standard of quality in their writing. If you provide contact information, you will likely be contacted before you are made into a promoted user.

Guide Ordering

Rather than being strictly chronological, the list is ordered first by group, then by the last time a user posted a new guide. User group is determined when a user's experience is promoted.

The guide list itself is strictly chronological

-Special Thanks-

To the users who helped test this site.