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I have spent the last five years ago trying (and often failing) to create a person in my head. Most of those were while engaged with a community that promised it was possible, but also promised that you needed to have faith in order to make progress. I, lacking that faith, picked the lies from the truth and compiled the truths into this idea.

Those truths, the successes and failures of my attempts to create a person during those years is what makes the foundation of this website. While I have discovered that your mind is confidently a single actor with a single train of thought, your sense that your thoughts belong to you is malleable. You can train it, and you can train it to identify certain states of mind as someone else. This practice of training your mind's sense of self is identity manipulation.

You can't create a new person in your head. You can, however, create a new sense of self, and that new sense of self can do a lot of the things a person otherwise might. This includes things like feeling them experience emotions, forming their own opinions, telling or laughing at jokes, and more.

In this process I have created an identity who I can hold reasonable back and forth conversations with. Their name is Emmy. Progress is slow but steady, and as I grow in my practice, as I become more confident in communication, the guides I post to this website will grow as well. Feel free to follow along, or read what I have written just to learn what this is all about.

Created Guides
Published: 02/16/2020 06:05
Are you curious to know what identity manipulation is? Do you have any questions about the concept? If so, you can look here for information.
Published: 11/26/2019 00:59
By following this guide you will train yourself to habitually think using perspective of another person. Afterwards, you will learn to train your mind to produce the feeling that those thoughts belong to an identity that isn't you. Applied correctly these two skills allow you to create the sensation of having someone in your head, referred to as an identity which you can speak to at a moment's notice.